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6010 White Horse Road
Greenville, SC 29611
864.269.5073 Toll free 877.322.7368 / Fax: 864.269.5075

Our current member price for complete direct cremation services is $985. 

One phone call will start our services at the time of need:
  • Transportation of the body from the place of death
  • Temporary shelter of the remains
  • Necessary authorizations and certificates --This includes notifying Social Security and Veterans Affairs for benefits, place obituary notices and certify the death certificate
  • Cremation Service
  • Delivery of the cremains according to your instructions

As a licensed funeral home, we can provide arrangements for further memorialization, including memorial services and urns.  Please e-mail or call for further specific pricing of additional services.

Following is an explanation of registration and membership fees:
AS OF August 1, 2014 we will no longer collect a registration fee for joining the Cremation Society. Any registration fees received after August 1, 2014 will be returned. Since our beginnings 15 years ago, we adhered to a business model of joining the cremation society with a simple fee structure. The business model has become obsolete and confusing to our broad membership. It is our sincere desire to continue to help folks who desire simple dignified cremation for themselves or their family members. We think the membership concept is entirely valid--we are just not going to charge to join.
MEMBER PRICE - Still $985.00. Entitles transport within the UPSTATE (removal), on-site safe storage until cremation, on-site cremation, and document fees (including but not limited to 2 death certificates).
Cremation Consumers Alliance of America

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